How to Clean the Carpets in Your Office

Carpeting is an affordable and simple enough to maintain flooring option for your office that not only fits into your budget, but also comes in all kinds of colors and styles to choose from. Carpet is a very versatile flooring option that is not only friendly on your wallet, but can also be friendly and inviting to the eyes, making everyone in the building feel at ease.

Of course, if you’re settling on carpet flooring for your office, you’re going to want to know some of the best ways to keep it clean so it can look its best for anyone who walks into your office. You can either get in touch with your local office carpet cleaning lake bluff professionals to schedule a carpet deep cleaning, or you can learn some of the best ways that you can keep your carpet clean yourself.

The Simplest Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpets are some of the easiest flooring methods to keep clean if you follow a few easy steps. When the time comes to clean up the new carpet in your building, then consider some of these simple solutions to keep the carpet looking fabulous.

·    Steam cleaning: Steam cleaning is one of the easiest and most effective solutions for keeping your office’s new carpet flooring looking great. Steam cleaning removes up to 90% of the dirt and germs from the carpet, and requires only a steam cleaning machine.

·    Carpet shampooing: Shampooing your carpet is another great way to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly, and involves using detergents applied to the carpet with some water. You use a rotating brush to push the detergent into the carpet, and clean water to remove it. Keep doing this until you don’t see any residue, and your carpet should be clean!

·    Dry cleaning: Dry cleaning your carpet involves a powder or other chemical solution which is applied with water onto the carpet, and then a specialized tool for extracting the solution when cleaning is done.

Cleaning your carpets yourself really isn’t difficult if you have the time and the materials to do it. You’ll find that just a little cleaning work every few months or as needed will help keep your carpet looking great for you, your employees, and all of your customers who come to your office.