Preparing For A Home Inspection

A home inspection is typically done when you are about to sell a house or if you are going to buy a house.  When looking for someone to do the home inspection, make sure that they have a home inspection license that is up to date and valid.  This will ensure that you won’t have any issues when it comes to the validity of their report.

Cracks in the walls and foundations

The first thing that people will look at in an inspection are cracks in the floor, walls, ceiling or anywhere in your house.  If they find such cracks, it may be a sign that the house is settling or there is or will be major issues with your foundation.  IF this occurs, your inspection may fail.

home inspection license

Water damage

Water is the next big thing that you will need to consider.  If your home is near water, has water damage or is prone to flooding, this may cause water damage in your home.  If water damage is found the age and severity of that damage needs to be taken into account.  Mold, bacteria and other substances can grow in dark, wet places such as basements.  If water damage is found depending on those findings different actions may to be taken.


The roof is going to be the next major thing that is inspected.  If the roof is good, then the rest of the house can be considered good.  If the roof is bad, then it may need to be replaced.  If this is the case, then your inspection may fail, and you won’t be able to sell the house.

When it comes to inspections there really isn’t anything to be afraid of. They are designed to protect both parties from issues during a sale.  When an inspection goes well then you can be assured that the sale won’t have any real issues.  However, if the inspection goes bad, many other issues may arise that will affect the sale, price and many other areas.