What Do Dental X-Rays Show?

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If you’ve had any dental work done, then you’ve most likely gotten a dental x-ray done. Dentists are constantly recommending them, even if it just a routine visit. So, what do they show?

What Can You See?

X-rays show more than a routine exam or cleaning can. Here are a few things that you can see using dental x ray rochester. Your local dentist sees a lot more than you can imagine!

·    Decay

While it’s true that decay eventually shows up, it can be caught early with an x-ray. Decay shows up on x-rays, allowing your dentist to quickly take the necessary precaution.

·    Bone loss

X-rays can show bone loss Rochester associated with gum disease-catching it earlier means that treatment will be easier and more effective. So, an x-ray becomes a very important tool.

·    Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth have their way of showing up, painfully. In some cases, however, wisdom teeth can be impacted. They might be crooked or at risk to your jaw. X-rays pick up these issues allowing for a less painful procedure.

·    Infections

Surprisingly, infections can show up on x-rays! Infections generally cause some sort of damage to the bone. This shows up clearly on an x-ray.

·    Root Problems

General cleaning doesn’t let your dentist see the root of your teeth. An x-ray can reveal abscesses or root problems that couldn’t have been diagnosed with a routine checkup!

·    Positioning of teeth

When you’re about to get fitted for braces or implants, x-rays help understand the position of the teeth.

How often do you need to x-rays?

However, it’s always a good idea to know why you might need more x-rays than someone else.

The higher the risk of dental problems, the more x-rays that are necessary. Someone who smokes, drinks a lot of sugary drinks, or has an existing gum disease will need more x-rays.